Justin Taylor Appreciation Week

Day 6: Favorite Story Arc | Getting Brian Back 



i’m not saying you guys should prompt me how to get away with murder stuff to distract me from essay-writing

but… you could if you wanted

No One's Here To Sleep (Feat. Bastille) - Naughty Boy ft Bastille

Naught Boy ft. Bastille - No One’s Here to Sleep


"I can be a really insecure person, and I hate that part of who I am. Desperate for approval. ‘Like me, like me’ ‘cause if you like me, then maybe I’ll like myself." **


we’re just two buddies having a nap


Love has laid me up
upon this altar of stone
far from the temples of argos
to be bedecked in sacrificial gear

I am faithful to the gods
as any under zeus’s yoke; I am faithful to fear
and I am full of awe
in the face of munificence
yet today I cry—lord, I have but one father
is it he who should plunge the knife in my breast?

Us girls unsullied carry on the waves’ crest
some pure ivory pearl untouched by valour
yet is it I who should shed my blood for a good wind?

I have heard of gods with great lungs
my sister has the boldness of an antigone and my brother the long legs of travellers; my mother
stitches history with a blade’s point
yet is it I who should suffer for my maiden silence?

Truly I do not love war
as men do, and I do not loathe her
I have for her a cousin’s regard, that she can place next to her victims
the spear and glory of soldiering manhood
cruelly cut short by her fated hand

athene who governs over reason, will you tell those angry men
that I have shed my blood for their sake
so that they may shed theirs; that I have not screamed
so that they could scream —and will you tell my father
that there is a priestess in troy who sees through the veil of gods
because she is marked with apollo’s favour? Will you tell
the mother I cherish that I do not require vengeance
for stepping onto my tomb feet first

in my uncle’s palace I once beheld this war’s muse
her hair stitched up with flames from zeus’s thunder—yet is it I
who must pay for her crime? So then, father, so be it
snip the thread and I will not stand among the procession
who clamor for your return

iphigenia from mythology suicides series